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NOTICE: This library has going a total makeover lately so there are no releases for now, so to see the new features (like injection containers) download it from sources.

Project Description
InternalClasses is a collection of common methods that are reusable across all components in a project. It performs things like simple logging, validation, attribute validation based on assembly injection, and dynamic method operations to reduce the reflection costs.

  1. Attribute (Meta) Programming
  2. Dynamic Method/Properties invoker
  3. Simple Logging methods for fast debug verification
  4. Parameter Validation methods
  5. Simple Benchmark attributes for quick method performance verification
  6. Post Process validation attributes
  7. TypeBuilder for injecting code

For info on how to use the features please refer to Documentation Tab, and for the newest features like Attribute Programming please refer to sources under the project demo.

Road Map

Most of the features in the current state is far from completion, so every aspect of this class needs a lot of work, therefor I'm looking for contributors :)
Some of the future work that need attention is:
  1. Unit Tests - a component that injects code dynamically and can mess up CLR memory needs a lot of tests and a lot of test cases, so far there are to few tests.
  2. Xml Configuration - the components context used for meta programming could also be configured using an xml file.
  3. Re usability - the IlGenerator needs to be wrapped in a single class providing a Expression like calls, so every class doing something dynamic could use it.


When writing the code for the internal classes i did look at various web sites and gathered information, so if you feel that some parts of the code was based on your own, from your web site etc, inform me so i can credit you.



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